U.S. Open Genuine Leather / Alligator Large Surfboard Blade Putter Cover - *Limited Release*

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Limited Release U.S. Open Genuine Leather / Genuine Red Alligator Large Surfboard Blade Style Putter Cover in Navy.  Limit 1 per order!

Features include: 

  • Genuine Dark Blue Leather
  • Genuine Red Gator Shaped Surfboard
  • Genuine Red Gator below Cypress tree
  • Sugar Skull Golf Logo
  • Red Fur

*Please note that prolonged exposure to the sun can fade and dry out exotic skin such as alligator

Double magnetic closure. Designed to fit blade style putters.

Extremely Limited Quantity.

*Purchase of this cover will qualify you for our random giveaway! Some shipments will include an additional special an extremely rare cover. Good Luck!